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About the Artist
Lon Knabel, illustrator, painter, and caricature artist creates one of a kind works of art.
Realistic Caricatures and Illustrations
Lonnie Knabel creates realistic caricatures of sports figures, political figures, hollywood movie stars, corporate executives, or anyone.
Editorial Illustrations and Caricatures
Art for editorial presentation of news and magazines.
Portrait Illustrations and Caricatures
Portrait paintings done in oils, acrylics and mixed media. Portraiture also done as pencil drawings, scanned in and painted in the computer. Portraits can also be entirely digitally in Photoshop, but they look entirely like an original painting.
Cartoon Illustrations and Caricatures
Humorous cartoons done in all kinds of styles and techniques.
Historical Illustrations and Caricatures
Historical paintings and drawings from all eras of American History. Examples are from editorial illustrations, book covers, and publishing.
PhotoShop Illustrations and Caricatures
I feel like a Hollywood special effects artist, because I can create anything in Photoshop. From bizarre created scenes pieced together from dozens of photographs to Caricatures that combine Photoshop elements and hand drawn items, like Mark Frederickson's covers for MAD magazine.
Graphic Design Illustrations and Caricatures
Having received a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Florida (UF), I've done all sorts of advertisements, brochures, annual reports, logos, and full pages in The Orlando Sentinel. I now know CCI, the page design system the Orlando Sentinel uses.
Informational Illustrations and Caricatures
lnfographics of all kinds. Locater (locator) maps, bar charts, fever charts, explainer graphics. charticles, and much more.
Publishing Illustrations and Caricatures
Paintings and drawings of all kinds, mostly historical. Usually I photograph my own models in costume, and use that photography as my reference for the finished paintings.
Humorous Illustrations and Caricatures
These are a combination of hand drawn art and photoshop assemblage. Sometimes I draw the sketch first and scan it in, or I'll build a silly photoshop collage out of dozens of photographs.
Advertising Illustrations and Caricatures
Having done art for Disney, Seaworld, Lockheed Martin, and many others, I've done lots of corporate and institutional illustration. These projects have ranged from Color keys for Disney Animation services to water color paintings for Disney Imagineering depicting the proposed Christmas decorations within various Disney theme parks.
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