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I earned a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Florida. After
working for a few years as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, I returned
to school in New York to get a B.F.A. in Illustration at Pratt Institute in
Brooklyn. I also took classes at School of Visual Arts.

I free-lanced for 20 years in Boston and Orlando, doing a broad range of
Illustration assignments that included Book Jacket Covers (including Agatha Christie books) , Corporate (lots of work for DISNEY Imagineering and Animation), Advertising, Publishing, and Magazine work. That work is
represented in all the other galleries on my site. In 1999 I accepted a job
as an Editorial Artist with The Orlando Sentinel, where I have done
THOUSANDS of illustrations, primarily for Sports. It was while I was at the Sentinel that I was first encouraged to do Caricatures, and they are the most fun and fulfilling of all the kinds of art I do.

Having married my high school sweetheart, we have 3 daughters. The youngest in still in high school and the older 2 attend Georgia Tech and Florida State University.

Before going to the Sentinel, I taught Illustration and Computer Graphics at The University of Central Florida and Valencia Community College. That was very fulfilling, and I would be willing to do that again if the right situation presented itself.

I would love to do some art for you. More than likely, it will be digital. I usually always draw my art first to a very finished pencil drawing. I scan that in and paint and photoshop it in the computer. However, I've still got the brushes, turpentine, etc. in case you want original art. I recently did a 24" by 36" acrylic painting of Bobby Bowden in 2 days. You can see it in my" Portraits" Gallery. The newsroom was buzzing because someone back in the art department was doing a REAL painting! It turned out GREAT, and I am totally up to doing more of those.

Try to explore all my art at all the buttons if you have time. Before my digital plunge, I was developing a specialty doing historical art. American History has always been a favorite subject of mine.

Welcome to my world and my website.

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